Father’s and Grandpa’s day discounts…

*15 % discount on any Job*  Father’s and Grandpa’s day is around the corner…and an original everlasting present is in order. Bring back your memories of growing up, those trips to the mountains or to Disney World. Maybe that special Bar Mitzvah celebration still preserved in video tapes, or film, pictures or slides.

We can convert or transfer all to digital form in DVD or hard drive file.

Hurry up, find that special treasure and bring it back to life with L&R DVD Productions’s state of the art equipment and 13 years of experience in the transfer business. Let us make that special customized disc for your Dad or Grandpa, give the gift of ‘Memories back alive’ of that wedding from the 60s or 70s. We can make it special for you. Call us today and enjoy a 15% discount on any order for the month of June, just for Dad or Grndpa!

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