Yes, LR DIGITAL Conversions and LR DVD Productions Inc. moved to the mountains in North Carolina, a new beginning, a new location but the same quality of service and technology for our customers.

Please contact us with any questions you may have, you can reach us at 954-328-4026 or 828-278-4467, also via email at luis@lrdvdproductions.com

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Luis de la Cerda

VHS to DVD Digital Conversion

VHS to DVD Services in Wilkesboro, NC

VHS to DVD Digital Conversion
Wedding videos
Black and white home movies
Rapidly degrading VHS
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VHS to DVD Digital Conversion


If your beloved videos are degrading contact L&R DVD Productions for high quality, state of the art VHS to DVD digital conversion! Family owned and operated since July 2001, L&R DVD is located in Tamarac, FL and serves a wide surrounding area including Broward County and Ft. Lauderdale.

You can expect a warm and friendly reception when you call! Each order is treated with care and respect in order to achieve the most valuable conversion possible. Whether it be of sentimental value or professional, the quality of each project is irrefutable!

VHS to DVD digital conversion may be just what that wall or box of tapes is waiting for! And just what you need to preserve memories, extend value and even make space for more fun!

Something most people may not be aware of is that iron particles(the magnetic part) in the tape fall down little by little, year by year, due to time and gravity. As these particles fall away the quality of the video you see will quickly go from good to bad. Converting to digital media is an essential step to preserving the value and quality of your purchased entertainment and, definitely, priceless memories.

L&R DVD Productions also provides digital editing using Edius, high-speed photo scanning, authoring DVD’s(the creation of menus and chapters to find individual sections of the video), duplication of CD’s and DVD’s, including direct on disc full color printing, custom made labels and case covers, slide to DVD conversion, audio cassettes and LP records to CD, photo montages with background music and titles, 8mm and 16mm film to DVD, and Hi8, digital 8, VHS-C, Mini DV and S-VHS tapes, mini DVD +/-_R. All with the same professional, high quality approach that they give to VHS to DVD digital conversion!

Testimonies state L&R DVD Productions to be “consummate professionals” “first class” and “a joy to work with”. There could be no better reason to trust your media to a company than knowing how much effort and care they put into ensuring a satisfied customer.

“A satisfied customer is the best advertising tool!”

L&R DVD Productions can be contacted here: Contact/Quote

8 mm Film Transfer to Digital Form

8 mm film was the popular way to capture moving pictures in the 40’s, 50s, 60s and early 70s before the videocassette revolution took the industry by storm.

8 mm Film Transfer to Digital Form8 mm film was the best way to keep the family memories then but they didn’t offer sound so these movies were silent when watched at home with the projector. Not until the late 60s when cameras and film capable of recording sound were introduced to the market but were short lived because video tapes and players took their place.

Now some 70 years +/- later, digital technology is the way we view pictures and video today. With our state of the art equipment, LR DVD Productions can convert those old reels of film into digital form into DVDs which can be played on any DVD/Blu-ray player or computer equipped with them, and we offer the option to also make digital files to be saved in a portable Hard Drive or in a Flash Drive, which are called memory stick or thumb drive too.

8 mm Film Transfer to Digital FormThe other or No. 1 great reason to do this is to preserve these memories, the older the film is, the less chances of preserving its content are. Where had the film been kept all these years make a big difference in the quality of the finished product, some become unusable when they have been exposed to heat and humidity through the years, the film becomes brittle and it breaks easily making it impossible to be transferred. If the film has been kept under controlled humidity and temperature, they have a good chance to still have color and brightness good enough to be viewed. So, take the first step and find those reels of 8 mm or super 8 or 16 mm film and bring them to LR DVD Productions in Tamarac, FL. We will take care of them and organize them for you, just give us a call.

8 mm Film Transfer to Digital Form


Remember to call L&R DVD for 8 mm Film Transfer to Digital Form. We also transfer Super 8, 16mm, Vhs, and more.

New Service, PAL AND SECAM VHS tapes can be…

ntsc-pal-secamOur PAL/SECAM  format equipment is back again available to our customers, so people can bring their VHS or VHS-C camcorder tapes to be transferred to US format  DVDs.


The DVDs made will be compatible to  US DVD players, this is great NEWS because of the South Florida large European and South American population.

Father’s and Grandpa’s day discounts…

*15 % discount on any Job*  Father’s and Grandpa’s day is around the corner…and an original everlasting present is in order. Bring back your memories of growing up, those trips to the mountains or to Disney World. Maybe that special Bar Mitzvah celebration still preserved in video tapes, or film, pictures or slides.

We can convert or transfer all to digital form in DVD or hard drive file.

Hurry up, find that special treasure and bring it back to life with L&R DVD Productions’s state of the art equipment and 13 years of experience in the transfer business. Let us make that special customized disc for your Dad or Grandpa, give the gift of ‘Memories back alive’ of that wedding from the 60s or 70s. We can make it special for you. Call us today and enjoy a 15% discount on any order for the month of June, just for Dad or Grndpa!

Presentation, Greater Tamarac Chamber of Commerce

This past Thursday May 8th, L&R DVD Productions was presented to the Greater Tamarac Chamber of Commerce’s TNT networking group. The presentation was given by owner Luis de la Cerda who has been the sole owner of the business since 2001.

Items discussed were:  the preservation of old media (videotapes, film, pictures, vinyl LPs etc.) into digital form as in DVDs, CDs, jump drives, Hard discs and uploading to the  internet. Other topics included disc duplication, disc printing and the making of Photo montages or slide shows.

L&R DVD Productions Inc. has been the leader in media conversions in the west Broward county. 

LRDVD Productions has a new website…

Press Release:
March 2014

LRDVD Productions Inc., has a new website…


LRDVD is proud to announce they have totally redesigned their entire website. The intention of a new look and feel was to address the many client and visitors suggestions to establish a more robust and informative website. They have added a more friendly user navigation, update the appearance and have added a much needed condensed & more informative content structure.


Press release March 2014 - LRDVD

“We hope the new look and feel, easier navigation  and updated content is more to our customers and visitors liking. We went to extreme measures to address and accommodate all of the suggestions that we received and are very excited to hear future feedback.”  said Luis E de la Cerda, president of LRDVD Productions.


L&R DVD Productions Inc. started in 2001 as an innovating business that could convert all the different videotape formats into DVD. That meant that all camcorder tapes (Hi8, mini VHS-C, digital 8 and the mini DV formats) could be transferred to the DVD discs. As technology kept changing with time, we started adding services such as CD and DVD duplication (mass production and direct on disc printing) and disc copying, video editing, audio cassettes to CD and vinyl LPs to CD.


The production of photo montages were welcomed by the public and more and more people kept asking for them to be used in Wedding, Anniversary parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, and other similar events. Times kept changing so we started to upload short videos to YouTube and to convert video files from smart phones into DVD and into internet files as requested. Bluray discs came to the market and we added those too.


When parents requested the making of Sports Highlight videos to respond to coaches in Universities, we acted on it, we now have helped many students to be admitted in the college of their dreams and offer packages of this kind to be put both in DVD form and upload to the internet form for their convenience.


As always, customer satisfaction is our main concern and the source of most of new business, so we make sure, that our customers are 100% satisfied or we haven’t done our job well.



LRDVD Updates February 2014

Press Release:
Febuary 9, 2014


You talked and we listened…


LRDVD Productions is proud to announce that we will have  a complete website overhaul scheduled to be live in March 2014. We will changed the entire look and feel of our site and will add new content, pricing and videos. 


Our intention was to create a more user friendly navigation, more interactive, more valuable content and include more updated news and videos!


In the upcoming weeks we will add a more comprehensive News & Articles in our blog and hope you will continue to give us feedback and suggestions on how to improve our site as we move in this new year!


Thank you for your past suggestions and please keep them coming!