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VHS to DVD Digital Conversion
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VHS to DVD Digital Conversion


If your beloved videos are degrading contact L&R DVD Productions for high quality, state of the art VHS to DVD digital conversion! Family owned and operated since July 2001, L&R DVD is located in Tamarac, FL and serves a wide surrounding area including Broward County and Ft. Lauderdale.

You can expect a warm and friendly reception when you call! Each order is treated with care and respect in order to achieve the most valuable conversion possible. Whether it be of sentimental value or professional, the quality of each project is irrefutable!

VHS to DVD digital conversion may be just what that wall or box of tapes is waiting for! And just what you need to preserve memories, extend value and even make space for more fun!

Something most people may not be aware of is that iron particles(the magnetic part) in the tape fall down little by little, year by year, due to time and gravity. As these particles fall away the quality of the video you see will quickly go from good to bad. Converting to digital media is an essential step to preserving the value and quality of your purchased entertainment and, definitely, priceless memories.

L&R DVD Productions also provides digital editing using Edius, high-speed photo scanning, authoring DVD’s(the creation of menus and chapters to find individual sections of the video), duplication of CD’s and DVD’s, including direct on disc full color printing, custom made labels and case covers, slide to DVD conversion, audio cassettes and LP records to CD, photo montages with background music and titles, 8mm and 16mm film to DVD, and Hi8, digital 8, VHS-C, Mini DV and S-VHS tapes, mini DVD +/-_R. All with the same professional, high quality approach that they give to VHS to DVD digital conversion!

Testimonies state L&R DVD Productions to be “consummate professionals” “first class” and “a joy to work with”. There could be no better reason to trust your media to a company than knowing how much effort and care they put into ensuring a satisfied customer.

“A satisfied customer is the best advertising tool!”

L&R DVD Productions can be contacted here: Contact/Quote