8 mm film was the popular way to capture moving pictures in the 40’s, 50s, 60s and early 70s before the videocassette revolution took the industry by storm.

8 mm Film Transfer to Digital Form8 mm film was the best way to keep the family memories then but they didn’t offer sound so these movies were silent when watched at home with the projector. Not until the late 60s when cameras and film capable of recording sound were introduced to the market but were short lived because video tapes and players took their place.

Now some 70 years +/- later, digital technology is the way we view pictures and video today. With our state of the art equipment, LR DIGITAL Conversions can convert those old reels of film into digital form into DVDs which can be played on any DVD/Blu-ray player or computer equipped with them, and we offer the option to also make digital files to be saved in a portable Hard Drive or in a Flash Drive, which are called memory stick or thumb drive too.

8 mm Film Transfer to Digital FormThe other or No. 1 great reason to do this is to preserve these memories, the older the film is, the less chances of preserving its content are. Where had the film been kept all these years make a big difference in the quality of the finished product, some become unusable when they have been exposed to heat and humidity through the years, the film becomes brittle and it breaks easily making it impossible to be transferred. If the film has been kept under controlled humidity and temperature, they have a good chance to still have color and brightness good enough to be viewed. So, take the first step and find those reels of 8 mm or super 8 or 16 mm film and bring them to LR DIGITAL Conversions. We will take care of them and organize them for you, just give us a call.

8 mm Film Transfer to Digital Form


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