Time left for these specials


Specials  until January 31st

All LP Vinyl discs to CD or MP3 $9.98 each (from $13. ea.)


Slides scanned to JPG. 0.20 cents per slide (normally 0.37 cents per slide)

also see fine print below

Conversions to Thumb Drives or uploads to cloud service available too

The fine print: only one special per family or customer per same month, video tapes that are longer than 2 hours in length require additional DVDs per each 2 hour at $10, ea. this is good for VHS, VHS-C, Hi 8, Digital 8 and MiniDV tapes in American format.

Foreign tapes like PAL or SECAM are not part of this offer, they are converted at $20.00 each and Betamax tapes are converted at $18.00 a tape

Film reels of 3 inch in diameter are the ones that apply to this special, larger reels like 200′, 300′ and 400′ are converted at the standard rate o 0.20 cents per foot of film.

Scanning of pictures is up to (8 by 10″ pictures), very small pictures like passport  size or larger than 8×10 would be scanned at a higher rate because of the special process needed for them.

Please call 336-281-5544 or 828-278-4467

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